We always look for high quality editorial glamour style of excellent works to promote great talents in both the photographers and models.  For submission of your photos, please fill out the following and attach 5 - 10 of your photos (same or different models).

(1) About you

Photographer Name:
Most Active State / City:

Web Site:

Publications / Resume:

Your Story (optional)

How long you have done photography: 
What are the choice of your gears: 
Most challenging shoot you have done: 
Most rewarding shoot you have done: 
One advice you would give to a newbie: 

Model(s) in the Photos

Instagram / Facebook / Twitter / Others: 
Signed Model Release to be published here: Yes / No


1. This is a voluntary submission for exposure, no money will be provided.
2. The subjects (models) and all parties involved must understand that this is a submission.  The magazine cannot be held responsible for anything and/or eventualities of this submission.
3. The photographers must have the rights of the photos as well as necessary model release from the model for publishing the photos on web and print.
4. Submit photos of the following size:
web: between 800 x 1200 to 1600 x 2400.  No bigger and no smaller than this.
print: between 8.5" x 11" to 11" x 14" at 300 dpi.  Slightly bigger or smaller are okay.
5. Submit location: use a cloud storage share.  Please do NOT attach your photos in the email.
6. For web photo submission, you should watermark your photos at corners, no center watermark.  For print photos, no watermark is accepted.  Proper credit will definitely be given inside the feature.
7. After we receive your submission, we will review. Only if they are accepted, we will publish them based on the quality of the photos, to the web, social media, or print.  Not all submissions will be published.

Email your submission to 

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