To submit your coverage and photos, please fill out the following and attach minimal 20 best photos from the event.  Please follow the guidelines at the bottom.

(Please note that we are primarily interested in the coverage of out of Los Angeles / Orange County, CA events.)

Event Information

Event Name:
Main Themes: (e.g. Import car show, model lounge,...)

Special Cars:
Model Names:

Where can people find more about you (optional): 

Your Photographer Name:
Your website:

URL of The Cloud Folder of Your Photos

Dropbox URL:
Google Drive:
Box URL:
Or others:
* Do NOT attach photos in the email*

Event Highlight Text Reportage (Optional)

If you also submit a highlight coverage copy of the event, 500 words minimal, this would increase the chance for your piece to be picked up and potentially compensated.


* By submitting your photos and info for exposure, you agree the followings:
- You are the person who own these photos, and the information is correct.
- You grant us the rights of the info and photos to be published on our web site, social media sites, as well as print publication.
- Wheels and Heels Magazine will NOT be held liable for any unauthorized use of the contents, as unpreventable piracy is rampant on the internet.
- Due to limited resource and legal situations, we are NOT responsible for any personal conducts or any liabilities / claims.  Professionalism and full responsibilities are expected on the submitter.


1. Submit photos of the following size: between 800 x 1200 to 1600 x 2400.  The styles of photos are not limited, but preferably have most of the followings:
  • overview shots
  • car shots
  • model shots (optional)
  • stage shots
  • interaction shots
  • vendor / product shots

2. Submit location: use a cloud storage share.  Please do NOT attach your photos in the email.
3. After we receive your submission, we will review.  If they are accepted, we will publish them based on the quality of the photos, to the web, social media, or print.  Not all submissions will be published.


- Based on the submission quality, completeness, and depth, if we select your work, your compensation will be based on the quality of the contents, for credits, or money.

- Depending on the quality of the contents, we would offer the followings,
a. no acceptance
b. acceptance with credits only (no monetary compensation)
c. acceptance with entry ticket fare paid for excellent photos
d. acceptance with additional pay for excellent photos and accompanying textual contents

Email you submission to

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