Sunday, July 24, 2016

Model Stephanie Walker - From Atlanta With Glamour and Bravery!


Height: 5'7
City / State: Atlanta, GA
Instagram: @svtbarbie
Facebook: Stephanie Walker

W&HM: Please tell us a bit about yourself 
Stephanie: Hey there! My name is Stephanie Walker, I am from
Atlanta, GA. I am a previous pro cheerleader for Atlanta Xplosion and I am an aspiring model and business owner. I have owned my own graphic design business for over 13 years for clients who compete in natural, glitz, and the Miss pageants and modeling. I do portfolio and print model designs for contestants' competitions. I am currently Miss World of Wheels 2016, Miss Georgia Fish & Game 2016, current Southern Peach Magazine cover model, and I am a Top 10 winner for Miss JetSet, of JetSet Magazine. I'm a Hooters Girl Corporate Trainer and I've been working for Hooters for a year. I was recently nominated as Hooters Girl of the Quarter for my store.

W&HM: How did you start modeling? 
Stephanie: I started modeling a couple years after my pro cheer season had ended in 2009. I was nearly immediately diagnosed with non-hodgkins lymphoma cancer right before Atlanta Falcons cheer auditions started, so my cheerleading career had been put on drastic hold. After regaining my health, surviving cancer, after many rounds of chemo and treatment, over a 2 year period, I did my very first photo shoot ever as a celebratory achievement for myself, on how far I had come. I have since been doing more photo shoots in hopes of having successful publications and modeling jobs in the near future and building my modeling career. I am now a cancer survivor of 7 years. Yay!
What would you like to be in 365 days from now? Successful in my endeavors, as a print model and business woman.

W&HM: What is one quote you like most? 
Stephanie: I don't want to just make an impact, I want to leave a legacy. -Me

W&HM: Whom would you like to give a shout out to? 
Stephanie: My incredible, remarkably strong mother, who is literally the answer to my prayers, my biggest fan and support team.


Photographer Identified

Eugene Howard Photography

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