Monday, September 28, 2015

Simple Smokes and Vapors 2nd Annual Meet

Our Cover and Feature Models at 2nd Annual Simple Smokes and Vapors Event 

Westminster, CA / W&HM
This is a surprising event that popped out of nowhere. The Simple
Smokes and Vapes store has put together an impressive meet up to promote their store, as well as demonstrate their love of vapes and models. Thanks to our cover model, Sand Wong's instagram post, we learned the event that seemed to be very promising. As it turned out, we did not disappoint at all. We were actually enjoying the event
very much!
At the store, it's a well lined up offering from various electronic
vaping devices to a whole rainbow spectrum of juices that you can pick and choose. People were enjoying the vaping experience and hanging out with fellow e-smokers. Outside the store, there was a big tent right behind the store, where DJ was playing exciting club beats, and people were at the tables and chairs to fill their stomachs with freely offered pizzas and drinks. It's obviously a good time in the heat of the so-Cal weather. Right next to the big tent, several cool cars lined up to show their support of the event, and provided the perfect backdrop to the car and model shots that most models enjoyed.

Talking about models, we were sooooo happy to see our cover models Sandra Wong and Jessica Weavers, as well as Crystal Mendez at the model mix. We haven't seen these three awesome models for quite a while, for everybody has been busy with their lives and things, and the car show season is winding down for the year. Through this event, many thanks to the Simple Smokes and Vapes, we got the chance to see them again and catching up with the latest.

Sandra Wong

Sandra Wong is working hard on her degree. This super smart, industrious, and gorgeous dear friend totally shows how she see things clearly on her priorities, how she applies herself to see hard worked
results, how she keeps her true genuine and friendly self among friends. Our hats off to her!!

Jessica Weaver

Jessica Weaver just came back from her great trip. Even though it's only a short trip, it seemed that we haven't seen her for ages! She is always so stunningly beautiful, and ultra approachable. No wonder she is highly popular among her fans and highly respected by her friends. She is simply awesome!!

Crystal Mendez

We could not stop chatting with Crystal Mendez. The EAF show in SD was the last time we caught up with her. It's been a long summer and there are so many things to talk about, from life to work to the super red moon eclipse at the night. It's always our great pleasure to be around her!

More Models

And of course, there were many more models at the event, which really took us off guard. It's simply a great event, and a very enjoyable one too. We applaud the the generous marketing investment in having these models and brotherly love with car owners, as well as this special occasion put together by the Simple Smokes and Vapes. Bravo, Bravo!!

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