Wednesday, March 11, 2015

#WWWH Photographer Highlight - Carlos Toledo - World Wide Wheels and Heels

About the Photographer

Photographer : Carlos Toledo
Location:  California

Web Site:  www.carlostoledophotography
Instagram: @carlostoledophotography

Carlos Toledo Photographer Bio and Q&A

WWWH: How long you have done photography?
Carlos: I been doing photography for  6 years.

WWWH: What are the choice of your gears?
Carlos: I use Canon 60D and T2i and multiple lens.

WWWH: Most challenging shoot you have done? 
Carlos: The most challenging photo shoot has been with a car club shooting multiple cars and models in a limited amount of time.

WWWH: Most rewarding shoot you have done?
Carlos: There is many photo shoots that I would consider most rewarding each one is different.

WWWH: One advice you would give to a newbie?
Carlos: Advice that I can give to a newbie is to not be afraid to get out there and practice with cars or people. Read or watch tutorials on lighting and composition.

Models of Carlos Toledo's Photography

Ela Pasion

IG:  Misselapasion

Victorya Van Tran

IG:  victoryavantrannnn

LeAnn Michele

IG : leannmichele

Mariah Hook

IG:  Mariahhook

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