Saturday, June 7, 2014

Happy and Fun Time at Bambu Desserts and Drinks Meet and Greet Irvine by Gilbert @girlsbutts

 Irvine, CA, Photos by Gilbert, Text by W&HM Staff - Star powers assembled!!  At the Bambu Desserts and Drinks Irvine store, Sandra Wong (our cover model), Serena Su, together with Christy Truong, Tayacay, and Airica Moe hosted quite a fun and happy meet and greet event to celebrate the grand opening of the store.  In general, when a shop has a grand opening, it's common to see some promotions.  Some use balloons and blow up stick figures to draw people in.  Some use red carpet, and some have ribbon cutting.  Some even use firecrackers and dragon dances.  However, here in  So-Cal, the epicenter of import models, there is hardly a better way to celebrate a grand opening than having a group of import models at the store, who can invite their fan bases to join the festive occasion, boosting the scale of the opening.