Sunday, February 9, 2014

What is #BankSale at the LA Convention Center? @claudiaalan @arrrrlz @claudiajmoran

Los Angeles, CA, by Py - When we first heard that there is a show called Bank Sale, we figure that it must be like a Barney New York's famous hanger sale in Santa Monica, where people fight for designer labels and the change rooms are not efficient enough...  Well, to a degree, it's not too far off.  It's a street clothing / wear show with more street cred designers.  Everything is pretty much brand new, and there were tons of curious patrons, less with $20 for the at door ticket, roaming around inside the partitioned LA Convention Center.  It's not huge, but definitely a strong vibe resonating in the room.

We were there, primarily to support our THREE cover models inside the show.  Leading the way is Claudia Alan for Limitless Lifestyle (don't be confused with Limitless Society, which is a different label.)  She is always so well prepared and refreshing and super popular!  Over the course of the stay at the Bank Sale, we observed non-stop traffic toward her.  More to that, not just the guys who admire her beautiful presence and friendly personality, many models also wanted to meet her and get her autographs.  She is definitely the model of models!


Then we met up with Claudia Moran who has graced our 2010 August web cover!  It's such a happy reunion!  The tall and slender awesome cover model is back to the modeling scene with full force!!  We will definitely see more of her in the near future too for sure!

Arley Elizabeth, our cover model, brought in people with her interactive spirit in modeling for Hastamuerte Hustle or Die.  We talked to the owner of the label, and he said that it means the brand is translated to "Until Death", which means that to live the life to the fullest until the death, leave a mark which will go beyond the life termination.  We love this motto!  Awesome and the wears are very well made too!  Great job!
We met up other models at the show, but did not get a chance to get their names... Maybe next Bank Sale...
There were many interesting things about the Bank Sale.  The first thing we saw is their logo, which strikes some familiarity to us... Think, think,.thinkkkkkk...  Ah, it looks like the Bitcoin logo!!  How interesting!  Not sure if by design or by accident... Very interesting...

The other thing is that, within the first 5 seconds we walked in the convention center, we were surprised by the sheer number of concurrent shows going on in the convention center.  There is this Bank Sale, then Vintage Fashion Expo, then Golf Show, and Boat Show, plus Home Show, and adding Soccer Nation Expo!  That's wow!!  There is something for everyone, from all age groups and all ethnicity groups, and all genders too!  Very cool!

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