Saturday, June 7, 2014

Happy and Fun Time at Bambu Desserts and Drinks Meet and Greet Irvine by Gilbert @girlsbutts

 Irvine, CA, Photos by Gilbert, Text by W&HM Staff - Star powers assembled!!  At the Bambu Desserts and Drinks Irvine store, Sandra Wong (our cover model), Serena Su, together with Christy Truong, Tayacay, and Airica Moe hosted quite a fun and happy meet and greet event to celebrate the grand opening of the store.  In general, when a shop has a grand opening, it's common to see some promotions.  Some use balloons and blow up stick figures to draw people in.  Some use red carpet, and some have ribbon cutting.  Some even use firecrackers and dragon dances.  However, here in  So-Cal, the epicenter of import models, there is hardly a better way to celebrate a grand opening than having a group of import models at the store, who can invite their fan bases to join the festive occasion, boosting the scale of the opening.

Monday, March 31, 2014

Phoenix Stanna Presents, Fashion Mix with Waredrobe Diva's, Leelee Jewels, Zeplo Designs and The Chakra Stop @Phoenixstanna

Phoenix Stanna Presents, "Fashion Mix" with Waredrobe Diva's, Leelee Jewels, Zeplo Designs and The Chakra Stop. Sponsored by, Wheels and Heels Magazine, HBC and Super Hero's Sandwiches.  

Huntington Beach, CA, Photos by Py, Text by Contributor Phoenix Stanna

It was a packed house at 2nd floor in downtown Huntington Beach, CA a great venue that appreciates the art and fashion culture. Next time you are in surf city wither its a night out or trip to the beach 2nd floor offers great cocktails, cold beers and tasty menu. If your night happens to take you through the night the only place I would suggest to grab a bite before you either take a taxi or ride home is Superhero sandwiches. Superhero's on the weekends also offered bacon wrapped hotdogs which are definitely a local favorite as well as many mouth watering sandwiches to choose from. 

Aside, from the great venue what brought Wheels and Heels Magazine to 2nd floor was the Fashion Mix hosted by our own Phoenix Stanna. Waredrobe Diva's offers affordable clothing that won't break your bank. From tight sexy dresses that show all the lushes curves a woman has to offer to daytime flowy dresses. Leelee jewels paired the dresses which are also very affordable and fashionable. Next, was ZeploDesigns high couture one of a kind suits that are hand braided that fit you like a glove. The Chakra Stop paired the suits which are unlike any other jewelry. The Crystals offer healing to your chakra as certified Crystal therapist and owner Stephanie Di Brizzi guarantees.

Sunday, February 9, 2014

What is #BankSale at the LA Convention Center? @claudiaalan @arrrrlz @claudiajmoran

Los Angeles, CA, by Py - When we first heard that there is a show called Bank Sale, we figure that it must be like a Barney New York's famous hanger sale in Santa Monica, where people fight for designer labels and the change rooms are not efficient enough...  Well, to a degree, it's not too far off.  It's a street clothing / wear show with more street cred designers.  Everything is pretty much brand new, and there were tons of curious patrons, less with $20 for the at door ticket, roaming around inside the partitioned LA Convention Center.  It's not huge, but definitely a strong vibe resonating in the room.

We were there, primarily to support our THREE cover models inside the show.  Leading the way is Claudia Alan for Limitless Lifestyle (don't be confused with Limitless Society, which is a different label.)  She is always so well prepared and refreshing and super popular!  Over the course of the stay at the Bank Sale, we observed non-stop traffic toward her.  More to that, not just the guys who admire her beautiful presence and friendly personality, many models also wanted to meet her and get her autographs.  She is definitely the model of models!

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The Red Carpet Event at the 2014 AVN Award Show by Clinton Lum @calibre68 - Part 2

(Remy LaCroix, photo by Clinton Lum)
Las Vegas, NV, Photos and Names by Clinton Lum - continuing coverage of the 2014 AVN Award Red Carpet from Part 1

Tuesday, January 28, 2014

The Red Carpet Event at the 2014 AVN Award Show by Clinton Lum @calibre68 - Part 1

Las Vegas, NV, Photos and Names by Clinton Lum, Text by Staff - Our sage contributing photographer has brought us back gigantic coverage of the 2014 AVN Award red carpet event!  The star studded who-and-who show gave us a glimpse of the top talents in the business!  Even though it's not like Oscar, the glamour and enthusiasm of the fans is no less than the big one!

Here are the awesome talents, starting from the top: Aiden and Dave Navarro.