Sunday, July 24, 2016

Model Stephanie Walker - From Atlanta With Glamour and Bravery!


Height: 5'7
City / State: Atlanta, GA
Instagram: @svtbarbie
Facebook: Stephanie Walker

W&HM: Please tell us a bit about yourself 
Stephanie: Hey there! My name is Stephanie Walker, I am from

Saturday, July 23, 2016

Ela Pasion under the lens of Calvin Li at Spocom Anaheim Super Show 2016

The sweet Ela Pasion gave our contributing photographer Calvin Li a quick photo op / Photos by Calvin Li

And Calvin has brought us back a quick visual documentary of the legendary import model Ela Pasion.

Monday, May 23, 2016

Beautiful Sara Wilson from American Model Management Captured by Andy Welch

An intimate phioto session with the beautiful model from American Model Management, Sara Wilson, by Andy Welch photographer, and make up by Nathan Robinson

We have a great opportunity to introduce model Sara Wilson from American Model Management to everybody!

Sara is based in Arlington, Virginia.  The mesmerizing-eye and beautiful model was captured by the photographer Andy Welch and brought her to

Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Triple-Crown Coverage of Simple Vapors Meet by Clinton Lum @calibre68


Wheels and Heels Magazine Cover Models, Sandra Wong, Jessica Weaver and Brittani Paige Guest-Appeared at The Simple Vapors Meet, Captured by Our Contributing Photographer Clinton Lum

Westminster, CA / Photos by Clinton Lum, Text by Staff
Our sage contributing photographer Clinton Lum went to the grand opening of Simple Vapors and brought us back the gorgeous photos of our three cover models, Sandra Wong, Jessica Weaver, and Brittani Paige!  What a treat for our readers!
Simple Vapors is the sibling vaping shop of Simple Smokes and they carried the great tradition of having beautiful import models for their events.  Besides, the three awesome cover models, they also had other models, as well as the exciting celebration with the dancing lions performance.  It could not be more cultural than this!

Here are the great photos from our sage photographer Clinton Lum!  Enjoy!

Monday, September 28, 2015

Simple Smokes and Vapors 2nd Annual Meet

Our Cover and Feature Models at 2nd Annual Simple Smokes and Vapors Event 

Westminster, CA / W&HM
This is a surprising event that popped out of nowhere. The Simple
Smokes and Vapes store has put together an impressive meet up to promote their store, as well as demonstrate their love of vapes and models. Thanks to our cover model, Sand Wong's instagram post, we learned the event that seemed to be very promising. As it turned out, we did not disappoint at all. We were actually enjoying the event
very much!
At the store, it's a well lined up offering from various electronic
vaping devices to a whole rainbow spectrum of juices that you can pick and choose. People were enjoying the vaping experience and hanging out with fellow e-smokers. Outside the store, there was a big tent right behind the store, where DJ was playing exciting club beats, and people were at the tables and chairs to fill their stomachs with freely offered pizzas and drinks. It's obviously a good time in the heat of the so-Cal weather. Right next to the big tent, several